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Reference management

Why a reference management system?

Reference management programs provide aid to collect and arrange bibliographical data on books, articles and other media. When working with many different sources, a management system helps to keep track of all cited contents and allows users to generate a reference list rather easily.


The federal state of Thuringia has licensed EndNote and Citavi for all universities and universities of applied sciences. Alternatively users can install the open source software Zotero.

Please include price, system support and functionalities in your decision on a reference management system.

Citavi allows users to organise their reference work digitally and to implement references and citations into their documents. A knowledge base and a task planner are also part of the system. We recommend a reference management system to all users that work or study in a heavily text based field of research.

Installation and licensing

The University of Jena has acquired a campus license for Citavi. Students and employees of the university are eligible for a download from the company's website - please use your university e-mail address when signing up. Users will receive an e-mail that contains all necessary information on installation, registration and activation of the full version. The current desktop version is suitable for Windows 10 and 8 or for Windows servers from 2012 onwards. In case you use an Apple Mac, virtualisation might be needed for proper installation. The Citavi web version is not part of the campus license.

To benefit from Citavi’s Word add-in function, the minimum requirement is to use Microsoft  Word 2010. Students and employees of the University of Jena are entitled to download the Microsoft Office 365 software bundle. Please install Word before Citavi and close all running Word related processes in the background. If you have problems with the installation or questions about Microsoft Office 365, please contact the University Computer Centre of the University of Jena.

Further information on the installation can be found in a detailed handbook or ask Citavi's support team.

EndNote is a reference management program by Clarivate Analytics and enables users to gather and manage references. With EndNote you are able to browse through different catalogues and databases - a data transfer to your local database is possible. EndNote can be integrated into Microsoft Word or Open Office and provides many different citation styles in order to implement references and bibliographies into your document.

Installation and licensing

Due to the acquisition of a license through the federal state, the University of Jena is able to offer access to EndNote to all of its students and employees. The installation file can be downloaded from TU Ilmenau’s web servers. You must be connected with University of Jena’s network in order to be able to download the installation file. After installation it can be used from various locations. Departments or institutes of the University of Jena can request EndNote from the University Computer Centre.

EndNote is supported by both Windows and Mac. A web-based version allows users to save literature databases in an online cloud thus making it accessible to other persons for data exchange.

download connection file for online catalogue

Zotero offers similar functions as EndNote or Citavi. Basic features include the following:

  • Collection and structuring of sources and literature 
  • Creation of reference lists via a plug-in in your word processing program
  • A collection of different citation styles

Zotero can be a useful tool for: term papers, theses or collaborative text work (suitable for Mac users as well)

Installation and licensing

Zotero is available as an open source software. Registration ist required.

The three following components need to be installed:

The Technical University of Munich provides a great overview on the topic of reference management systems.

Training courses and consultation

The library offers introductory courses and guides on reference management systems. Also, staff personal is available for individual consultation.

Current dates are announced in our event calendar.

We offer the following training courses:

This Moodle course targets beginners and teaches how to create bibliographical records and their implementation in Microsoft Word. After a training phase including some feedback, participants can start and use their knowledge in practical situations. Consultants will be available in the digital Moodle course room.

The course includes the following content:

  • Overview on reference managements programs
  • Installation
  • Basic features
  • Implementation of literature (bibliographical data)
  • Creation of a reference list
  • Citation in Microsoft Word

Please sign up via Friedolin.

After having attended our introductory course you should be familiar with all basic functions and settings of Citavi. The course for advanced learners in Moodle will give an insight on further features. In autodidactic fashion participants will learn the necessary tools and knacks so these can be applied to their project work. Tutors will equip you with helpful exercises and can be consulted in the digital Moodle course room.

The course includes the following content:

  • Searches with Citavi and transfer of full texts
  • Task management
  • Knowledge organisation: Development of categories and management of citations, analysis of full texts
  • Data management and navigation
  • Editing of citation styles

Please sign up via Friedolin.

In a 120 minute long ZOOM meeting, interested persons will receive an insight on the most important features of Citavi.

The course presents the following content:

  • Short comparison of reference management systems
  • Basic features of Citavi and choice of citation style
  • Collection of literature
  • Navigation and production of a simple reference list
  • Citation and indexing in Microsoft Word
  • Knowledge management: Manage citations, define and manage categories
  • Short overview on further Citavi features

Please sign up via Friedolin.

Current dates are announced in our event calendar. Please contact the library for individual consultations.

This 60 minute introductory course covers important EndNote features such as search, management of references and full texts, integration of reference lists and interdependencies between EndNote and word processing programs.

Current dates are announced in our event calendar. Please contact the library for individual consultations.

This 90 minute online course covers the following components:

  • Quick entries of bibliographical data
  • Settings for the management and analysis of data
  • Subsequent use in word processing programs
  • A short exercise will show the benefits of reference management systems in research scenarios

We recommend the use of Zotero for term papers, final theses, creation of bibliographies and collaborative work. The program can be installed on Apple Mac gadgets.

Access here: Self-study course in Digitale Bibliothek Thüringen 
Access code: Tv!H7@38

In addition, Groups of minimum five people (with affiliation to the University of Jena) can apply for appointed courses which will put emphasis on the participants’ individual needs.