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thulb.de / Services / How to use the library / Loan conditions

Loan conditions

In general, the library consists of media that can be taken directly from the shelf (open access area) and media that are kept in non-public storage (stack).

Media from the open access area carry a call number on their spine. These labels indicate the particular loan conditions:

  • Academic literature (with or without a yellow label on spine):
    • Loan period of one week
  • Textbooks (red label (might say LBS) on spine):
    • Loan period of four weeks
  • Books that are signed with LS, ESA or carry two yellow labels on the spine cannot be borrowed. The same applies to newspapers and journals (non-hardback). 

Media from the stack can be borrowed for four weeks. Please note that some materials can only be read inside the library buildings. More information here: How can I order media from the stack?

You can keep track of loan periods in your online user account. ThULB will send a reminder via e-mail before the loan period for your book expires. Please be aware that library users are fully responsible for the return of media on-time, even if a reminder has not been received (e.g. due to technical errors).

Before the check out of media, please examine them on potential damages (marks, water spots, etc.) and report these to staff at the desks. The library will demand for compensation if books carry damages at the time of return.

Lendable media from the open access area can be checked out at the library’s lending desks or by using the self-service machines.

You can renew media the following ways:

Every user is allowed to renew items three times before these need to be shown at the desk. A new loan is generally possible. Reserved media have to be returned and cannot be renewed. Concerning renewals of interlibrary loans please consult the Central Loan Desk.

Users can reserve borrowed items via ThULB-Suche catalogue. You will be informed via e-mail once these items have been returned to the library. In your online user account these media will be listed in the section “Ready for pickup”. Users have five days to pick them up at the desk. 

In case an online reservation cannot be done please consult the Central Loan Desk or the respective branch library for help.

Media that are located in the stack (Magazin) can be requested via ThULB-Suche by clicking on the button „Place a hold“. Please insert your user number and your password.

Some volumes might not appear in the “Related Volumes” section. These have to be ordered manually. On the right hand side, please click on “Volume not listed? Request here!” and enter bibliographical data in order to request your favoured volume. You will receive an additional e-mail with information regarding the pick-up location for journals and newspapers that cannot be booked directly onto your library user account.

The transport of ordered media might take up to twenty-four hours (Monday-Friday). As soon as your requested media have arrived in the library, they can be picked up on-site. These will be listed in your online user account in the section “Ready for pickup”.

Ordered media have to be picked up at the desk within a time period of ten days. The usual loan period is four weeks.

Please return media with all attached materials (CDs, maps, etc.). Damages during use might be subject to charges. Please report any case to the desk and consult the staff.

You can return media the following ways:

  • personally at the desks
    Media have to be returned to their original branch library. Family members and friends are allowed to return items on behalf of the thoska card holder.

  • media return box
    The Branch Library of Arts and Humanities (Main Library Building) and the Branch Library of Law, Economics and Social Sciences provide accessible media return boxes.
    Staff members check on returned items on a daily basis. Users remain legally responsible for their loans until the return process has been finalised. Please double check your online user account, whether returns via the box have been successful. 

  • self-service machine
    During opening hours our branch libraries offer access to self-service machines which enable users to return media on their own. Some items (such as reserved media, interlibrary loans, stack media) have to be returned to the lending desk.

  • mail
    You can send your borrowed media to ThULB’spostage adress. Keep in mind that postal delivery might take a few days. Items will be removed from your online account as soon as they have arrived in the library. Potentially generated fees have to be paid. The user shall bear all risks that are connected with postal delivery.

Once media are overdue ThULB will send a reminder via mail. Overdue fines and postage rates are subject to charges. Fees will be listed in your online account and can be paid with your thoska at the desk or a self-service machine in the four branch libraries.

Please consult with staff members from the branch library where the book is normally located.

ThULB is always interested in finding an amicable solution with its users.

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